Why you should consider SSD Hard Drive Upgrades

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Has your computer become super slow? Do you find yourself struggling to perform everyday tasks on your laptop or desktop? Are you getting so frustrated that you feel like throwing your computer out the window?

We have good news for you. These issues can often be remedied with a couple simple upgrades one of those is a brand-new solid-state drive.

Signs you have a faulty hard drive

Computer hard drives do not last forever. And, when they eventually die, they take with them all of your important files, documents, and photos.

Protect your data and upgrade your hard drive before it’s too late. Watch out for the following warning signs:

  • Your computer takes minutes to start up after pressing the power button

  • Programs can sometimes take 5-10 minutes to load

  • Windows programs often crash and/or become unresponsive

  • Microsoft Outlook takes a long time to load, and sometimes freezes

These are all symptoms of a dying hard drive. Act now, or risk losing your data for good.

What are the benefits of an SSD hard drive upgrade?

Do you wish your computer would load instantly, with any program opening within seconds? Would your productivity go through the roof if Microsoft Office and Outlook would function, without freezing or crashing periodically? Imagine opening complicated files, large PDFs, and business software in the blink of an eye.

A new solid-state drive (SSD) and RAM upgrade is the answer. A sold-state drive has many benefits over hard drives. Here are just a few:

  • SSDs are 3-5 times faster than hard drives

  • No Moving Parts! Without moving parts, they weigh much less, consume less power, make no noise, and generate less heat

  • iPhones, iPads, and most top-tier modern computers use SSDs, so you know you’re getting the best tech on the market

  • Many SSDs come with a 5-year warranty

Can my computer be upgraded with an SSD?

We can install a super-fast SSD to the following computers and laptops:

  • PCs, including both branded models such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba, Acer, etc. (even custom machines)

  • Laptops, including all branded models

  • Apple iMacs

  • Most MacBook Air and Pros

  • Mac Mini

What about all my data?

Your digital data is extremely valuable. We get it. That’s why we have formulated a data cloning process that makes the hard drive upgrade process quick, easy, and secure.

We transfer all of your photos, documents, PDFs, emails, programs, and settings to your new SSD. Your computer will be exactly the same – except five times faster!

Customer satisfaction is our priority

Here is a sample of customer success story, where we transformed a 5-plus-year-old Toshiba laptop for a valued client in Glendale, CA.

Sharon G. called us complaining that her computer was taking 10 minutes to load, and Adobe Photoshop was continuously crashing.

We opened up the device, replaced the old HD Hard Drive and replaced it with a brand-new Samsung SSD, and performed our data clone process.

The result? Her laptop booted up within 15 seconds, and all programs loaded instantly. Our client was speechless. She called us back two weeks later to complete the same SSD upgrade on the computers in her office.

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