When you should Upgrade your Computer and when you should Replace It?

As your computer gets older, it becomes more difficult to install new programs and operating system updates. Eventually, it will take longer to open existing programs, and there may even be limited storage space. The question you must ask yourself becomes, should you upgrade your computer or even replace it? While upgrading your computer may seem like a new idea, replacing your computer is expensive and may be unnecessary.

We, at My Quick Computer understands that money is tight and even if you buy a new computer, you’ll spend a lot more and still be frustrated at the unreliability of a system that just isn’t cutting it.

Upgrading a computer

For a standard PC or laptop, you can update almost all the components. Which ones you update truly depends on which kinds of improvements you're looking for. Some components are easier to update than others. Luckily, My Quick Computers, computer updates are the ones that give you the biggest boost in performance.

Upgrading memory

Installing new or more RAM is one of the best upgrades you can make. If you are having problems with opening new Internet browser tabs or if there's a delay when you transfer large documents, you definitely need more RAM memory.

Adding more RAM will allow you to transfer large files more easily. Additional RAM memory will also make your Internet browser more responsive.

Upgrading the Hard Drive (storage drive)

When you're having problems opening large files and documents or if you receive messages saying that you're out of room when you try to save photos, music, and movies, you need to upgrade your storage drive.

If you currently have a HDD hard drive, upgrading to a solid state drive (SSD) will solve most of your problems. With an SSD hard drive you can access your information much faster, and because of the technology in how information is stored, solid state drives will not have problems with data fragmentation like hard drives do.

My Quick Computers cloning software ensures that your files will be transferred from your old drive to your new drive.

Upgrading your HD hard drive to an SSD will allow you to store more photos, music, and videos and open large files and programs much more easily.

Buying a new computer

If your current computer is more than ten years old, you might think about buying a new system. A new computer will almost certainly be more expensive than the cost of an upgrade, however it will enable you to get everything you need in one package. If the cost isn’t an issue, then buy a computer that gives you at least 16gb RAM and 1TB SSD hard drive. If not, consider an upgrade with My Quick Computer, it may just be the change you were looking for.

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